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Øyafestivalen TV-spot

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So you’re looking for a festival to go to when in Oslo? Øyafestivalen is Oslo’s most popular choice, check out their sweet new spot for the upcoming festival.

Read more about festivals in Oslo at the Festival section. Or read more about Øyafestivalen on their webpage. If you liked this TV-spot, check out the norwegian studio Øyedrops

This is Norway!

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A cute introduction to stereotypical Norway, narrated in a stereotypical norwegian-english.

To get to know the Norwegian people even further, check out the Know the People section.

Chill out in the Royal Park

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You’re in downtown Oslo, it’s a sunny day and you feel like taking a walk away from traffic and city noise. The Royal Park is not far away.

The Royal Palace is conveniantly located in the city centre, just a stones throw away from the main popular shopping street Karl Johan. Already 3 seconds into the trip the background noise of the city pulse is fading away. The Royal Palace becomes more clear and you’re approaching the front of the castle. The place is filled with tourists taking pictures of the majestic monument of Karl III Johan, the Swedish-Norwegian King of Norway from 1818 to his death.

This quiet and huge area in front of the palace is is heavily visited and a central point on Norways National Day, May 5th. However this is not where you will most likely find your “zen-moment”, you walk through this area to the right, walking past the royal palace. Perhaps taking a few pictures of the palace as you pass. The smell of summer and barbequeues are starting to dominate and take over the smell of cars and the busy city.

“Tokyo has their small peaceful parks in the middle of the city pulse and Oslo has the Royal Park.”

As you enter the Royal Park and the sounds of flickering cameras and japaneese conversations dissapates, you feel your shoulders sinking and a gentle calm sinks over you. Lots of people are taking a load off after work, hanging out with their friends here. Children running around the little pond, feeding the birds.

This is it, this is your destination. Tokyo has their small peaceful parks in the middle of the city pulse and Oslo has the Royal Park. Kick off your shoes and relax. Light up a barbequeue, strike a conversation with a local “park-animal” and enjoy the sun.

If you’ve spent some hours in this park and feel you want to explore some more of Oslo, the House of Literature is right outside the exit of the park. If you’re feeling revitalized enough you can also follow the street Hegdehausveien upwards as it turns into Bogstadveien. A popular and posh shopping street in Oslo with loads of designer stores and cafés. Check it out in the shopping section. This street goes all the way up to Majorstuen.

New Use-It page is Live!

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Finally it’s up! The new Use-It Oslo web page is up and running smoothly. Get started with your plans of a budget friendly visit to Norway’s capitol, Oslo.

It was about time we updated our web site. With the popularity of our budget guide, Streetwise, rising we needed a web page that could reflect and represent our hard work. Take your time and enjoy. And don’t be afraid to comment if you find the urge to give us a pat on the back or to let us know of any faults the site has.

Budget travel 101

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It’s always a good idea to plan ahead. gives you a quick and easy guide to make your future travels a little less costly. gives you a few quick-tips on how to save money during your travels. Check them out here.

Music fest

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Going to Oslo in the near future? Don’t know what to do during your stay? Be sure to check out Oslo Music Fest 4th of June.

Music Fest Oslo is one of the highlights of early summer in Oslo and a safe sign that summer is here. There’s people everywhere and bands all over town. Every concert is free of charge and everyone’s invited! Check out the program at Almost every artist on the program has a small bio page on their website and a song you can listen to. Start planning your day today!

Read Streetwise online!

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Streetwise 2011/2012 is now available to read online, check it out!

You can find almost all the information you would get in Streetwise on this web page. However if you fancy a better layout, pictures and feel of the product, check it out here:

Read Streetwise.

Streetwise sent to print

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After recieving the plot from our selected print house and made the go-signal, Streetwise 2011/2012 has started printing!

It feels good to send the document off. The same document we’ve spent months researching, writing and developing. We can’t wait to see the final product!

Streetwise almost ready!

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After a couple of hard working months we’re just about ready to send the latest Streetwise 2011/2012 to print.