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What’s up Oslo?!

nov 12, 2011 by admin    No Comments    Posted under: Activities

So you’re in town, or you’re planning a trip to Oslo, but what are you planning to do? You could always drop by our offices and ask what’s up this weekend, but if you want to plan ahead you should check out our new calendar.

Use-It Oslo is run by Oslo youth information and there was one thing we thought Oslo was missing, a place for everyone to get information about what’s going on in the city. Be it concerts, plays, debates, movies and other activities. So we created a website called “Kult”. Roughly translated to “Cool” but also a shortened version of the norwegian name for culture; “Kultur”. We then invited over 300 of Oslo’s contributors to post their stuff on the calendar. It’s now been one month since we launched the website and it is growing by each day.

The website is primarely in norwegian, but thanks to todays wonderful technology, namely google translate, it’s possible for everyone to make good use of the site.

Check out the english translated site. (You can switch the translated language to your likings)