8 Crazy sculptures in Oslo

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Have you noticed that there are sculptures all over Oslo? Don’t ask us why, because we don’t know. But they do make us laugh (like Nelson Mandela over here).

Here are the 8 most WTF sculptures in Oslo.


Limp dick at Gardemoen Airport


Well, it surely looks like it. Per Inge Bjørlo made six sculptures in the series named Alexis for Oslo Lufthavn airport, Gardemoen.

Photo: Ingus Travel

This bad boy is also part of the Alexis series by Per Inge Bjørlo located on the seaside of Oslo Central Station.


Big boobs at Tjuvholmen

Photo: Fredrik Drevon

Or Eyes as the sculpture is called, made by Louise Bourgeois in 1997. It makes a nice view dosen’t it.



Flower fist at Lilletorget

Photo: Olga Fedoseeva

This hand feels a bit out of place. It’s so huge, but if you don’t notice it at first you may be surprised by it. We think this has something to do with the labor movement, but one can never be sure. Fist and Rose by Ola Ensta.


50.000 minions at Teatergata, regjeringsbygg R6

Photo: KORO kunst i offentlige rom

50.000 little people coming to get you!

Grass Roots Square by Do Ho Suh.


Pissing woman in Ekebergparken

Photo: Ivar Kvaal/Ekebergparken

Just enjoying the view from the new Ekeberg sculpture park, having a piss.

Fideicommissum by Ann-Sofi Sidén.


Sleeping man at Pilestredet 32

Photo: Skjalg Bøhmer Vold/Khoro

The police have actually been called to help this naked man lying on the ground in front of Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Lying low/Male nude by Christine Aspelund.


Kate Moss at Folketeaterpassasjen

Photo: Sara Emilie Nygaard/HiOA

Hanging out with Kate Moss in Oslo.

Sphinx by Marc Quinn.


Everything in Vigelandsparken

Photo: Fotoboksen/VG blogg

Vigelandsparken is the world’s (!) biggest sculpture park made by only one artist, our man Gustav Vigeland. The park contains over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron. Our favorite is the mother on all four with two children on top riding her like a horse.

The man beating the shit out of some kids is also a must see.

Photo: Anita Mathias




Written by: Ada Moe Fause

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Last modified: 2.8.2016