Oslo Pass for free

apr 15, 2016 by admin       Posted under: Activities, Art, Ukategorisert

Get your Oslo Pass and do all the must-see in a day.

This Sunday April 17 VisitOslo and the city of Oslo gives out the Oslo Pass for free!

The Oslo Pass gives you entry to museums, public transportation, parking, outdoor swimming pools, guided walking tours, discounts on sightseeing buses, amusement parks, ski simulators, ski rental and special offers in restaurants and shops.

Normally the Oslo Pass prices are 335 NOK for 24 hours, 490 NOK for 48 hours and 620 NOK for 72 hours. Otherwise most museums are about 100 NOK.

So, Oslo Visitor Centre are actually giving out something worth 335 NOK for free, just so the people of Oslo can enjoy the city they love?! Hm… We don’t buy that. It’s probably so that the locals can be good ambassadors for the city and the shareholders (the museums and institutions) at Oslo Visitor Centre. But still, free shit!

What to do for a free Oslo Pass:

Meet up at the main entrance of Oslo City Hall between 09:00-15:00 and get in line. Our experience is that it can be a lot of interest in this event, and many are interested in the free Oslo Pass. So come early. Then you are ready to explore the city for free.

Please note: The free Oslo Pass is printed exclusively for this event and is valid only on 17 April 2016. It does not include all the advantages of the regular Oslo Pass. Read more about the event here.