USE-IT Oslo free map 2016

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What is new? What changes have been made? Read it here.

Photo: USE-IT Oslo // Ada Moe Fause

The New USE-IT Oslo free map

The brand new USE-IT Oslo free map of 2016 is now available, both in Oslo and online. Stop by our info desk in Møllergata 3, Oslo or check out the pdf on here.

We are still working on including the Oslo map in the USE-IT app. Hopefully it will be ready to use in the course of the summer.


What’s new?


The River Walk

For those of you who is familiar with the USE-IT Oslo free map knows that we always have included to city walks; the west walk and the east walk. This year however, we have included a brand new walk as well: The River Walk will take you up the river Akerselva who divides Oslo in two.We have been telling people to take that walk so many times, so why not give you a guide including some historical and some fun facts about the areas you’ll walk through.

All new sightseeing spots

Some of the new features in this years map is all new sightseeing spots. We think that the City Hall, the Parliament, the Opera and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is a bit boring information to spend a lot of space on. Everyone else is doing it and you can get that information almost anywhere. We want you to experience the local history, the mythical spots that only the locals know about. Like the Love Carousel and the new Sørenga Pier.


Even Though we have excluded the typical tourist information about the most touristy sightseeing spots we have included them on the zoom out side of the maps with an attraction icon. We don’t judge you if you want to visit some of the big attractions in Oslo, a walk on the roof top of the Opera and sunbathing in the Vigeland Park is pretty great.

Act like a local

We have included some new information in the Act like a local-section. A very Osloite thing to do for fun is to go to concerts and that’s why we have the brand new concert city included. A lot of people who are stopping by our info desk ask us about where to eat local and Norwegian food. That’s why we have included local cuisine, in an attempt to explain why Osloites hate Norwegian food.


Oslo activities

Blackpacking and Gentrification station is two new headings in the activities section where we give tips to blackpackers who visit Oslo for the heavy metal history and to get people to visit the new up and coming area Tøyen. We hope you enjoy it!

Events and festivals

It feels like it’s always a festival of some kind in Oslo. We wantet to give young travellers an overview over the main festivals we think are worth a visit within a year, so one can get a little more prepared.


Why the tiger on the cover?







Editors for the USE-IT Oslo free map 2016 is Ada Moe Fause and Alexander Didriksen. The design is by the skilled Veronica Falsen Hiis. Nicolas Marichal, chief editor at USE-IT Europe, thanks for all the support


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