Laila’s best Oslo tips

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Laila wants you to challenge your comfort zone and to go outside the tourist trail, and then some.

Photo: Chell Hill

Laila enjoying a ice coffee, she really loves that stuff (Private).

Meet Laila (30). Laila is the supervisor for the youth information center UngInfo, who publish and make the USE-IT Oslo free map every year. She is not only a mother figure to all of us in the USE-IT team, she is also the mother of Nils (4) and Iver (1,5). Join Laila for a relaxing Oslo trip.


What’s your favorite café in Oslo?

- St.Pauli Biergarten is a biergarten located outside an (known as Oslos coolest) elderly home. This is definitely the place to be on a warm, sunny day. Despite the name, this was one of my favorite spots in daytime, strolling around during my maternity leave. Lots of space to park the stroller and green grass for the kids to play around. The idea from the very start was to gather all generations in the garden, from babies to the elders living there. Still it doesn’t seem to scare students and people in their mid twenties to go here. The mix of people and ages might explain the good athmosphere. At night the kids are has gone to bed, but the place doesn’t loose its charm! Hanging out at St.Pauli Biergarten could easily be combined with a walk along the Akerselva river, which I can highly recommend, before or after a nice, cold beer in the sun.

What’s your favorite place for shopping in Oslo?

- The sunday marked in Birkelunden is a nice place to walk around, look at strange and cool retro stuff, talk to the seller who is reeeeally interested in rare lamps from the 70s. As a mother of two, I can also recommend the Grünerløkka area if you want to buy something for a child you care for. The toy store Sprell in Markveien has old fashion and lots of wooden toys, it’s one of my favorite stores (on behalf of my children of course).

What’s your favorite place for going out in Oslo?

- One of my favorites is Nord og Natt at Tøyen. It has an unformal and relaxing environment. Their slogan is suitable “Grovt og lokalt” (rough and local). In daytime it’s more like a ordinary café, but in the evenings you’ll find drinks the nordic way (with funny names as “suffering is the price of happiness” and “green apples are better then none”) and rare snacks like chantarelle picked in the local forest.

What’s your favorite place for food in Oslo?

- Bying some asian take away and eating it in a park is perfect. It’s quite normal for a Osloite to do so with some friends and a few beers from the supermarket. If you want to sit down, be inside and on a chair, Nord & Natt, as mentioned above, has a great restaurant with “rough and local” food, and in the café they offer fresh bakery, salads and sandwiches. They also have a restaurant in one part of the venue, and on Sundays they have buffet all day (200 NOK). It is easy to find; it’s as close to the metro stop Tøyen as you can get.

What’s your favorite sightseeing spot in Oslo?

- As I live in the suburb/satellite town called Lindeberg, 10 km east of the city, I can only recommend to go sightseeing in my lovely neighborhood. The metro (2 Ellingsrudåsen) will take you there in 17 minutes. Lindeberg is only one of the many suburbs in Oslo, with buildings from the 60s and 70s, a time when Oslo was in desperate need of more housing. If you want to go hiking in the forest, the forest Østmarka (“the east forest”) lies just two minutes walk away from the metro at Lindeberg, and a walk of only 20 minutes will bring you to a really beatiful small lake called Lutvann. So if you want to see something outside of the city centre, go find the metro. At least I can guarantee one thing: this is definitely outside the tourist trail!




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