Mona’s best Oslo tips

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Mona knows where the wild things are at the posh west side at Frogner.

Photo: Ulrikke

Mona (24) is one of our summer temps and has lived at Frogner for three years. Frogner is a districted on the west side of Oslo, characterized by expensive apartments, embassies, exclusive designer boutiques and gourmet delis. She knows where to go, what to see and where to eat:

Mona walking right past the popular Vigeland Park to her favorite sightseeing spot.

I sometimes ask myself how I, the socialist, ended up at the West side of Oslo, together with the money makers, or should I say money spenders. After a couple of years on this side of the city I have found some really nice places. There is more to the west side than beauty salons.


Kolonihagen at Frogner is located in an old converted stable. If you have a some money to spend or it’s a special occasion to celebrate, you should definitely visit this restaurant. You can try their seasonal testing menu, with Norwegian commodities. In the summer you should try their beautiful outside beer garden, and in the winter you can sit next to the cosy fireplace inside.


If you are into vintage stuff, like me, you should visit the market on Vestkanttorget on Saturdays. Here you can take a look at what the Norwegians used to have in their homes. I really like ugly, old stuff like porcelain with painting of cats, so I find a lot of treats here. Shopping is not a big thing for me and I could not care less about brands. If you are on a bit shopping trip you should probably check out the street Bogstadveien a few blocks from here as well.


At this part of town you find the biggest attraction in Oslo, The Vigeland Park. I on the other hand prefer the area behind the park, Skøyenparken (also called The English Park). The middle section of the park is private and accommodates an old farm with a beautiful main house. The outer parts of the park are public and has a nice forest with elm, oak and ash trees with walking paths among them. There is a lot less tourists here than in The Vigeland Park.


Eckers is a new café in frogner, and I have already become one of their regulars. They have cheap burrito with hummus, yummy! It’s located in an old paint shop, which makes it a bit rough. They also have a good variety of smoothies and the coffee is perfectly made.

Going out

I don’t go out at the west side of Oslo, lucky for me, there are night buses. Me and my friends usually end up at Revolver. A bar, restaurant and a basement with both  concerts and a dancefloor. If we are going out for a beer, we stay at the first floor. It can be crowded, but we usually find a place to sit. In the basement I have had some great concerts experiences, checking out new bands. If you want to get to know locals this is a good place to start. I like the atmosphere here in the evenings but I have no idea what’s going on here at daytime, and I have never eaten at the restaurant. It is close to Youngstorget square, which is an area with a lot of bars. Revolver therefore makes a great place to start the pub to pub trail on a Saturdays night.



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