Emilie’s best Oslo tips

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After three years abroad, Emilie is rediscovering her hometown Oslo.

Photo: Algkalv

My name is Emilie and I’m a 23 years old Oslo born girl who just returned to the city after having spent three years in Denmark. Now I’m falling in love with my city all over again. Let’s look at some of my old and new favorites in this beatiful city!


In the summer, I love to go swimming in both the river Akerselva and the Oslo fjord. There are many great places to choose from, but my favorite spot might be Akerselva in Nydalen, even though it’s the place that offers the coldest water. There’s a newly built pool-ish place there, and you can even climb into the waterfalls! The stream might be super strong though, so I recommend checking the conditions before diving into the water-caves. Once you’re in it’s totally worth the struggle. It’s like looking at the world through a curtain of water. Walking up the river is also a great way of discovering Oslo, so check out the River Walk in our USE-IT Oslo map for a great tour along the river.


I’m definitely a booklover, and a sucker for independent bookstores. While Oslo’s bookstore scene mainly consists of commercial chain stores, there are a few gems worth visiting. My favorite one is Eldorado Bokhandel. They have a respectable English language section, though they mainly provide literature in Norwegian. It’s a perfect place to stroll around, browsing new print-based experiences. They even let you sit down and read in a book before buying it. Best of all: They have free coffee!


Illegal Burger offer great burgers, both for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters. As a vegetarian, I’m to often a little disappointed in too moist or too dry, tasteless bean-patties. However, this is not the case with Illegal’s burgers. They have a smoked taste, even the veggie ones, and are oh so good. They’re not that expensive either. A burger costs around 100 NOK, and a full menu with fries and a soft drink costs about 150 NOK. Illegal Burger have two restaurants, one at Youngstorvet and one on Grünerløkka.


For a cosy café pit stop I recommend Åpent Bakeri at Torshov. This is a Norwegian bakery with venues all over the city. I would, if I could, recommend all of them, as they are all very different. However, the Torshov venue is my absolute favorite. They sell different types of bread, rolls and buns. I would suggest havrerundstykke (oat rolls) with strawberry jam (a cheap lunch, Oslo prices considered) or a skolebolle (a sweet bun), a traditional Norwegian sweet treat with shredded coconut and vanilla custard. In the evenings, the venue changes name to Lofthus Samvirkelag, and turns into a great gourmet pizza place.

Going out

For late night fun, I love to go for a drink with friends at Postkontoret at Tøyen. This was actually the old post office, but now it serves as a combined café, restaurant and bar. The venue is super cool, with post office effects on the walls and a super high ceiling. Postkontoret’s clientele are a mixed group, though mostly hip bearded beer-loving people in their thirties. I would recommend a gin tonic or a Tøyen Cola (the locally produced cola) combined with one of the many board games you can borrow. If the partying leaves you starving, they also have a pretty great veggie pizza. The kitchen closes at 23:00.

Emilie throws kisses to you from Åpent Bakeri at Torshov



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