Ada’s best Oslo tips

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Join Ada for a walk at Grønland, one of the most exotic areas in Oslo.

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After seven years living in Oslo, this arctic chick dosn’t plan to move back to the freezing north of Norway in the nearest future. Ada (27) have fallen in love with Oslo and the multi culti area of Grønland.

Pro tip: Can be combined with the East Walk in our USE-IT Oslo map.


A good way to start your day is at Det Grønne Kjøkken. They have a beautiful organic omelet that will cure a hangover faster than a can of coca cola (if you do require a coke you should try the local Tøyen Cola). They also have pastries, cakes and coffee is you’re only in a nibbly mood. The atmosphere has that nice homely feeling, even though none of the staff resembles my mom.


We have a prison in the city centre; Botsen (or Oslo Kretsfengsel aka Botsfengselet) at Grønland Park. On the side of the main entrance is a hidden trail in to Bennys butikk, a prison outlet. It’s a real adventure visiting this small shop, located in a hidden basement underneath the prison. The ceiling is so low you might have to bow your head a little while visiting the shop. The racks are full of everything from pottery and silver jewelry to woodworks and baby clothes. Everything is made by the prisoners and is ridiculously cheap. In other words, perfect for a different kind of souvenir. Bennys butikk is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:00 and 18:00, so it’s a bit exclusive as well.

One of the signs guiding you down to Bennys butikk.


One of my all time favourite spots in Oslo this summer is Sørenga Sjøbad. It’s an artificial beach with wooden piers built around it, and it’s located at the tip of a brand new housing project in Oslo close to the Opera house. It’s open for anyone, anytime, but the life guard is only present in daytime. I like to come here with friends to take a swim and a few beers, or when I’m out power walking or at bachelorette parties (this actually happened this June). I can’t say enough how much I love this idyllic place.

The view from Sørenga Sjøbad towards the Opera.


After visiting Sørenga, take the big, white bridge over the railway to get back to Grønland. Here are one of the biggest consentration of international supermarkets and greengrocers. I prefer Grønlands Torg frukt & grønt, because they are the biggest and cheapest of them all. Shop your food here and save a few bucks. Then you can go wherever you call home while visiting Oslo and make some delish homemade greatness.

Going out

The coolest, and at the same time cutest place to go out on Grønland is Oslo Mekaniske Verksted. It looks small when you enter the backyard and walk inside to order your drinks, but then you look to your left and sees that it’s huge. The old school lamps, brown sofas, plants in the ceiling, the bookshelves and the old globes is just some of the things that makes this place gorgeous. You can even bring you own food, like a matpakke or some take away from one of the indian restaurants in the neighbourhood. NB, it’s a 23 years age limit, so bring your ID.

Ada after a bath in the Oslo fjord at Sørenga Sjøbad.




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