The best Christmas fairs in Oslo

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Photo: Oslo Museum

A list over the coolest Christmas fairs and markets in Oslo, and then some.


Christmas at the Botanical Garden

Time: Saturday 26. Nov. at 11:00-16:00

Price: Free entry.

This one is a bit more for the kids, with activities like walking around the Christmas tree and driving horse and carriage (for 20 NOK per kid). But there will be arts and crafts products for sale and homemade Christmas gifts.


Vegan Christmas festival at Chateau Neuf

Time: Saturday 26. Nov. and Sunday 27. Nov. at 11:00-18:00

Price: 120 NOK for one day. 200 NOK for both days.

The biggest gathering of the vegan and vegetarian community in Oslo before Christmas. Taste food, do a course, buy some produce and meet other vegan maniacs.


Lighting of the Christmas tree at Universitetsplassen square

Time: Sunday 27. Nov. at 17:00-18:00

Price: Free entry.

The annual lighting of the big Christmas tree at Universitetsplassen square is a nice tradition in Oslo. The mayor Marianne Borgen will also attend. Join the crowd outside the Central Station at 16:00 for a torchlight procession, but be there in good time for a free torch, they leave precisely at 16:30.


Sunturns Christmas concert

Time: Thursday 1. Dec. at 19:00-23:00

Price: 200 NOK (+ fees). ID: 18 years.

Act like a local while you’re visiting Oslo. Yes, this is not a Christmas market, but it is one of the coolest Christmas traditions in Oslo, so therefore we had to include it in this list. Sunturns is a Oslo super group who only plays Christmas rock music and only one concert before Christmas. Every year. The band have an ongoing gag about the main vocalist’s Christmas jumper, ask a local about it at the concert and they (most definitely) will fill you in.


Designers’ own Christmas market at DoGA

Time: Saturday 3. Dec. and Sunday 4. Dec. at 10:00-17:00

Price: Entry is 40 NOK.

Norwegian and foreign designers brings their own products to DoGA this weekend, and it’s one of our favourite Christmas markets. It’s packed with stands and people, so expect to spend some time inside. Awesome, and sometimes quite cheap, hand crafted things that’s not mass produced. A perfect opportunity to buy gifts that are one of a kind. Bring cash, not every seller accept debit/credit card.


Christmas fair at Norsk Folkemuseum

Time: Saturday 3. Dec., Sunday 4. Dec., Saturday 10. Dec. and Sunday 11. Dec. at 11:00-16:00

Price: Entry is 120 NOK.

The two first weekends in December is the annual old school Christmas market at Norsk Folkemuseum. The open air museum at Bygdøy show how people lived in Norway from the 1500s to the present with a collection from around the country. You can expect old school cooking, Santa’s workshop, concerts, shows and kids running around in very Norwegian woolen sweaters at this fair.


Design students Christmas market at Westerdals

Time: Sunday 4. Dec. at 11:-17:00

Price: Free entry.

The students at Westerdals Oslo ACT, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Einar Granum School of Fine Art host their own Christmas fair. In previous years, the design students sold lamps, jewelry, clothing, ties, cards, forged articles and hand drawn art. Go see how the young and creative keeps themself busy.


A sustainable Christmas market at Sentralen

Time: Tuesday 6. Dec. at 16:00-18:00

Price: Free entry.

Why not by some sustainable Christmas presents this year. Maybe the world is not going to end during 2017 if we do. There will be sale of jewelry, apple juice, concert and festival tickets, edible gifts, Christmas decorations, books, and more. Christmas music will be played while your conscience gets better and better.


Femme Brutal Christmas fair

Time: Saturday 10. Dec. at 12:00-16:00.

Price: Free entry.

The feminist concert concept Femme Brutal have their own Christmas fair where there will be a concert with Ava Freddy at 14:00, but also Christmas snacks and sale of feminist friendly gifts.


Christmas special at Brenneriveien Gallery

Time: Saturday 10. Dec. and Sunday 11. Dec. at 11:00-18:00

Price: Free entry.

The art collective Brenneriveien invites you into their gallery this weekend. They have signed and numbered silkscreen and risotrykk plus digital printing from 200 NOK to 1900 NOK. Everything is made by illustrators, designers and artists associated with the collective.


Christmas porridge at UngInfo / USE-IT Oslo info desk

Time: Thursday 14. Dec. at 15:00-17:00.

Price: Free entry and food, of course.

Welcome to the annual julegrøt event at our info desk. It’s open to all visitors and special guest. We’ll serve the very Norwegian Christmas porridge (we’ll have a vegan option), mulled wine (without alcohol) and gingerbread cookies. Expect the USE-IT Oslo team dressed up in Christmas jumpers and Santa hats, mumbling on Christmas songs the whole event.


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