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Festival season is on! Check out what’s happening in Oslo this summer.

Musikkfest Oslo

Time: 3 June 11:00-23:00

Place: Venues all over Oslo

Price: FREE

Musikkfest is an annual music festival with venues all over Oslo, at bars, pubs, big music venues and in almost every park in the city centre. Every concert is free, all day! A perfect opportunity to sit in a park all day with all the other local Osloites, if the weather is good that is. If not, follow the crowd. Noe age limit. More info here:


Oslo Pix

Time: 8-13 June

Place: Klingenberg Kino, Saga Kino, SALT and Kunstnernes Hus Kino

Price: 750 NOK (festival pass), 460 NOK (discount card for 5 movies), 115 NOK for a single ticket.

Oslos brand new international film festival is on week. More info here:



Time: 9-10 June 15:00-23:00

Place: Inside and outside of Jakob kirke

Price: 320 NOK (one day pass including 3 vouchers and a glass)

For the first time in Oslo, a outdoor beer paradise where over 40 breweries from home and abroad will serve their best and most exciting beer. ID: 18 years. More info here:



Time: 10-11 June 10:00-18:00

Place: Tøyen park

Price: 579 NOK (festival pass), 370 NOK (one day pass).

One of Oslos nicest festivals this summer: MiniØya is a festival with music and more for children with 16 as upper age limit, but a child can bring as many grown ups as they want/need. No difference on children and adult tickets and every one over 2 years need a ticket (children under 2 years old enter for free). More info here:


Oslo Gin Festival

Time: 10 June 16:00-20:30

Place: Håndverkeren Kurs- og konferansesenter

Price: 494 NOK (including 10 vouchers and a glass)

Of all the gin joints in all the world, we did need a gin festival in Oslo. ID: 20 years. More info here:



Time: 11 June 12:00-16:00

Place: Along the harbor to the Oslo fjord.

Price: FREE

The city’s largest rebus. VERY kid friendly. More info here:


Kulturfest Tøyen

Time: 13 June 10:00-14:00

Place: Tøyen park

Price: FREE

A festival with music, theater, dance, art and workshops. Only for high school students. More info here:


Norwegian Wood

Time: 15-17 June

Place: Frogner park

Price: 1840 NOK (festival pass), 830 NOK (one day pass)

Expensive music festival, but beautiful surroundings. More info here:



Time: 21-24 June

Place: Grefsenkollen

Price: 850 NOK (one day pass)

Sold out and expensive music festival with a beautiful view.. More info here:


Piknik i parken (PiP)

Time: 22- 24 June

Place: Vigeland park, outside the museum

Price: 1860 NOK (festival pass), 890 NOK (day pass)

Pip is the norwegian word for tweet, so look out for nice birdhouses in the trees in different colors. Piknik i parken only means picnic in the park, even though this is a music festival. More info here:


Oslo Pride

Time: 23 June – 2 July

Place: Venues all over Oslo

Price: FREE / CC

At this ten-day long festival human rights and lhbtiq+ issues are on the agenda through art, culture, politics and parties. Official opening Friday 23 June. Pride House at Eldorado Bookstore 23-30 June. Pride Park with concerts and more at Spikersuppa (in front of the Parliament) 28 June – 1 July. Oslo Pride Parade Saturday 1 July from 13:00 to 15:00. More info here:



Time: 9-12 August

Place: Tøyenparken

Price: ca. 3000 NOK (festival pass), 949 NOK (one day pass)

Sold out and expensive music festival. Buy day pass tickets at the entry of the festival every morning for that particular day. Øya Club night is on 8 August! A weekday pass also gives you a discount on tickets to Øya by Night and Øya kino. More info here:


Oslo Jazzfestival

Time: 12-19 August

Place: Venues all over Oslo

Price: Single tickets to every show/event is sold online

More info here:



Time: 14-27 August

Place: Chateau Neuf

Price: Some night will be free entry, others might have a small cover charge

The student festival in Oslo aka. STUDIO is located at the Norwegian Student Society castle called Chateau Neuf. More info here:


Findings festival

Time: 18-19 August

Place: Bislett Stadium

Price: 1195 NOK (festival pass), 895 NOK (day pass)

More info here:


Mela festival

Time: 18-20 August

Place: Rådhusplassen (Town Hall Square)

Price: FREE

Multicultural festival that are free and open to all, big and small. Food trucks, events, music, concerts and workshops. More info here:



Time: 18- 19 August

Place: SALT

Price: 799-999 NOK (Full weekend)

Electronic and underground club music festival. More info here:



Time: 1-2 September

Place: Grorudparken

Price: FREE

A free, drug and alcohol free music festival without age limit. More info here:



Time: 7-16 September

Place: Venues all over Oslo

Price: Single tickets to every show/event is sold online

Full name is Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. More than just pling plong! More info here:


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