Get a taste of the Øya Festival for free

jul 21, 2017 by admin       Posted under: Activities, Consert, Nightlife

You don’t have a ticket for the Øya Festival? Do “klubbdagen” for free.

One of the summer’s latest festivals is Øyafestivalen – loved and hated for its so-called «hipster appeal» (what did hipster mean again?). They are among the best at booking artists and having expensive festival passes. But even though a lot of people complain about the prices there is also several Øya-related venues around the city with free or somewhat cheap entrance at the big “klubbdagen” or club day at Tuesday 8 August. If you on the other hand is one of the lucky ones to have a festival pass to the main festival, you will get in for free at all the concerts on “klubbdagen”. This event is very popular and it can get crowded, so be early if there is a band you really need to see.

120 concert at 25 venues!
Have a great night with, among other things, electronics, pop, metal, hip hop, rock, country, punk, shows, psychedelia, noise and blues.

Here is a list of klubbØya venues:

(See full program here)