Ådne’s best Oslo tips

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How to be an Eco-Tourist in Oslo.

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Ada’s best Oslo tips

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Join Ada for a walk at Grønland, one of the most exotic areas in Oslo.

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Emilie’s best Oslo tips

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After three years abroad, Emilie is rediscovering her hometown Oslo.

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Mona’s best Oslo tips

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Mona knows where the wild things are at the posh west side at Frogner.

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Gabrielle’s best Oslo tips

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Join Gabrielle and explore the hidden gems around the Sofienberg Park.

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Be gay in Oslo

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If you want to find a location with a higher concentration of children of the rainbow, we guide you on where to go.

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Oslo’s best rock clubs

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Welcome to Norway, the home of black metal and lots of other crappy music. Rock is a pretty big thing here, and Oslo holds a good selection of clubs and bars within this theme.

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The new map

The new USE-IT Oslo map is now available online!

Check it out here.

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A shameless culture feast

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Oslo Culture Night is back! Rejoice!

If I were to rate my top three things it would probably be:

1. Free stuff

2. Cultural stuff

3. Happenings where all of Oslo get together to create a great and free festival.

This year cultural euphoria hits town on friday 12th of september (tomorrow)! It’s finally time for the annual Oslo Culture Night.

Oslo Culture Night is a free festival with events spread all over town. It’s Norways biggest one-day festival, and this year they’ve got their biggest program ever. Experience a wide range of shows, activities and culinary… stuff… on 125 different locations.

Check out their amazing 39 page (!) program (in english) with events from all over town.

Take a course in cooking, watch an interesting debate, visit NRK, check out great concerts or learn martial artis.

We guarantee you that you’ll find something interesting. And if you don’t, then we’re sorry to inform you that you’re kind of a downer.

More information:

Foto: Vidariv – Flickr

A week of concerts!

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Are you in Oslo 7-11th of august and wondering: what`s up? Øyafestivalen may be responsible for the cool music, heard at a distance from the city center.

At Middelalderparken [Grønland] one of the biggest festivals in Norway presents a lot of good artists. The festival itself is sold out long time ago, but in the night the artists enter clubs and bars around the city. Some bars sell tickets on beforehand, others sell them at the entrance. You can get tickets at the festival area or maybe meet up at the desired bar a bit early. So check the program and be ready for a night or two out at Øyanatt!

On Tuesday the 7th the festival is kick started with 85 concerts on 24 stages that ensure you some music of your liking. Check out the program (club by club) here.

The rest of the week there will be concerts in clubs every night. Program for Øyanatt is here, but check out for more information.

Wednsday 8. august
• Waters, Revolver, 23.30
• Bowerbirds (US) + Therese Aune, John Dee 23.30
• Ty Segall, The Crossroad Club 23.30
• Yelawolf Afterparty, Sawol ons 23.30
• Thurston Moore (US) + Carmen Villain, Parkteatret 23.30
• Dimitri from Paris (FR) + PATSKI LOVE & CHRIS STALLION, Stratos 23.30
• Theo Parrish, Jaeger 23.30
• Purity Ring (CA) + Kindness (UK) DJ-sett + Daniel Avery (UK), Sukkerbiten 23.30

Thursday 9. august

• Saint Etienne, Parkteatret 23.30
• Sunkissed: SHED + Bloksberg +++, Blå 23.30
• Zero Boys (US) + Haraball, Gamla 23.30
• Hymns From Nineveh (DK) + Maribel, John Dee 23.30
• Disclosure (UK) + Sei A (UK), Sukkerbiten 23.30
• A$AP Rocky afterparty, Sawol 23.30
• Jacuzzi Boys ØYANATT The Crossroad Club 23.30
• Juan Atkins (US) + Darkside (US), Dattera Til Hagen 23.30
• MAM LIVE (UK) + FINNEBASSEN, Stratos 23.30
• Phil Asher, Jaeger 23.30

Friday 10. august
• The Troubled Three (SE) + Rio Bravo, Gamla 23.30
• Papa M, Revolver fre 23.30
• Invasionen (SE) + Alberta Cross (US), Rockefeller 23.30
• Dâm-Funk, DJ-sett, Stratos 23.30
• Chords + DJ Amato, Sawo 23.30
• Anthony Collins, The Villa 23.30
• Amirali, Jaeger 23.30
• Entombed (SE) + Lakei, John Dee 23.30
• Fennesz (AT) + Stian Westerhus, Blå 23.30
• Joy Orbison (UK) + Boska, Dattera Til Hagen 23.30
• Get Ready! med Hei-ko Treasuresounds, Leiligheten (Rockefeller) 23.30
• FOALS (UK) DJ-sett, Sukkerbiten 23.30
• KLUBB YACHT ROCK, Parkteatret 23.30

Saturday 11. august

• Alan Braxe, Sukkerbiten 23.30
• The Defectors (DK) + The Cavebones, Revolver 23.30
• The Glue + Terje Bakke + Sanhueza, Jaeger 23.30
• Sunkissed: Finnebassen + g-Ha & Olanskii +++ Blå 23.30
• Get Dancy! med Familjen, Parkteatret 23.30
• Ben UFO (UK) + Snasen + Joystick Jay, Dattera Til Hagen 23.30
• Fatboy, The Crossroad Club 23.30
• KARPE DIEM + ESHM, DJ-SETT, Stratos 23.30

But what about the movies???
If you are more into movies about the musicians than the musicians themselves, Øyafestivalen has two days (Tuesday 7th and Sunday 12th of august) with previews, concerts in the foyer, (free and open for all), silent film-concert, and the concept “movie-with-a-burger-included-in-the-price” on Sunday.

Movie program:
Tuesday 7th of august (at Ringen kino)

Highlight: Tuesday the 7th of august the award winning artists “Årabrot” set sound to the Swedish-Danish horror movie “Häxan” (the witch) from 1922. The witch-hunt from the medieval ages combined with Årabrots experimental rock. This happens at Ringen Kino, 18.30 pm. Buy tickets (200 kroner) in one of Oslos` cinemas.

Other movies (100 kroner) are:
• Searching for sugar man (17.30pm) Searching for Sugar Man tells the story about Rodriguez, the man that could have been the biggest musical icon of the 70´s, but who was forgotten.
• Turning (18:00pm) – about Antony and the Johnsons.
• Ted (18:00pm)
• Marley (19:30). Bob Marleys universal appeal is unique, and this is the documentary about his life.
• Glastonbury the movie –in flashback (20:00) The movie from the Glastonbury Festival, full of concerts and festival-feel.
• Something from nothing: The art of rap (20:30) The gangsta rap-legend Ice-T take us into a personal travel through USA and the history of hip hop.

Sunday 12th of august (at Eldorado Kino)
• Marley (13:00) and a burger included in the price. (130 kroner)
• Ted (13:00) and a burger included in the price. (130 kroner)