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If you managed to book a cheap room for your stay in Oslo, you probably booked it a few months ago. During the summer season in Oslo the hostels and other cheap accommodation are fully packed, and finding a cheap place to stay can be a quite the challenge. Luckily there’s planned for two new hostels in the city.

Booking cheap rooms in Oslo can be a pain and as we’ve clearly pointed out in our Streetwise guide:”Remember to book in Advance!”. The reason for this is that we really don’t have that many to choose from. Sure we have a full list of hostels etc. But the really cheap ones. The ones with sleeping halls for 150 NOK per night, those are hard to come by and gets easily fully booked in no time. 

As written today on the Aftenposten website, this is something both Stiftelsen Anker studentboliger and Norske Vandrerhjem (Norwegian Hostel) are planning to counter. Two new cheap hostels are planned for downtown Oslo and hopefully in the future, budget tourists can survive the night without getting broke.

If you’re thinking; “How does this help me now? I want to go to Oslo this summer”. Well, first of all you can try book rooms from our Hotels & Hostels list. You might get lucky. There’s always couchsurfing. And we also have a list over people renting out rooms from their private homes at Private Accommodation.

The full story can be read HERE though it’s in Norwegian.

The full story roughly translated with google translate here:

Oslo lacks cheap accommodation. The capacity of the existing hostels are blown.

But now several new host or underway in the capital, where you can get a bed for the night for more than 200 or a double room from just over 500.

The world’s best cheap hotels
Considering “sleeping halls”

Foundation Anker student housing to open houses in the old Nidar chocolate factory in Rodeløkka spring of 2013. Here are the 80 rooms and capacity for 450 guests, divided in double, and four-, six-and åttemannsrom.

In addition, it is appropriate to make some “sleeping halls” with space for up to 20 guests, says Per Carlenius, managing director of Anker Student Housing.

- It is possible that we add to that the cost down to 150 pounds to sleep there, says Carlenius.

From before the driver Anker Student Housing a hostel in the High Street.

- Where is the line outside every day from now until August, says Carlenius.

Therefore, he is optimistic about the market for a new cheap option in the upper edge of the summer.

We want new cheap places welcome.
Tour Manager Tor Sannerud.

Rooms and pool for a hundred
Hostel in the center

Oslo will also get a new hostel in easy walking distance from Oslo S.

The Norwegian Youth Hostel, which operates Haraldsheim on Sinsen, feel that the capacity is completely blown up in the summer and that they have to reject people who knock on the door.

Therefore, the organization plans a new, affordable accommodation in Oslo. Many people just want to stay as central as possible when they visit the capital.

- We are now out in the real estate market and the applicant and has received several offers, says Bjørn Finstad, Acting Secretary General of the Norwegian Hostel.

The world’s friendliest hostel

Initially planned where 70 to 100 beds, but with the ability to go up to 150 beds. It would mean a capacity of 300-400 guests, spread over double and dormitory rooms. The new hostel will also have the option of self catering.

Jensen says they want to open in the summer of 2012, and operate year round. In August / September will be the decision of the hostel should be.

Oslo’s tourist chief Tor Sannerud want new cheap places welcome.

- We believe it will increase the influx to the city. We see that there is a significant degree of demand for such places, he said.

Make a hotel bargain
No more express hotels

Even the mainstream hotel chains competing in the discount market, and in quiet periods, it is possible to get a double room with breakfast in the capital for about 600 million.

In January, Choice Hotels opened its new low-budget option: Comfort Hotel Express. Here is the self-service check-in and extra pay for cleaning during your stay. The advertisement says double from 299 million, but in practice the price of approx. NOK 580. It caters to “mobile people looking for urban, efficient and cheap accommodation.”

Choice, however, has no plans for more such Xpress hotels in Oslo.