Camping in Oslo

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The cheapest way to spend the night in Oslo.


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USE-IT Europe mobile application

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A mobile version of the popular USE-IT maps: free, not commercial and made by young locals!

But we need your support!



USE-IT is tourist info for young people. We make city maps that show alternative sightseeing spots, bars, cheap places to eat and clubs where only the locals go. USE-IT exists in more than 30 cities in Europe, and is growing pretty fast. That’s probably because we’re absolutely non-commercial and because the info is written by locals in a plain honest way.

The maps are free and distributed in hostels, tourist infos and in the Couchsurfing network. Around 1.5 million of our maps are printed every year.


We are not going to stop making the paper maps, but we really want to reach more people with this smartphone version. Basically, the app is going to show the same good content as the printed map with an interactive interface.

There’s also going to be a dog walking around the streets on the map. Everybody who has downloaded the app will see the dog at the same place at the same time. So you can go and meet other travellers by going there and by “walking the dog” together.

The app will be available for iOS and Android, and will be free to download for everybody. However, we DO need your money to create this baby!


Go to the website and watch the promotion video. Then you can decide if you want to give us 1 EUR or more. Every euro counts. Find the crowdfunding site here:


Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Share the link on Facebook.
  • Write about USE-IT or the app anywhere, and include the indiegogo link.

Whatch the campaign here:

USE-IT mobile application – fund us!

25.000 copies ready!

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We just recieved 25.000 copies of our brand new guide, Streetwise. Months of hard work has paid off, the thing looks great!

Use-It Europe is a network of tourst information centres for young budget travelers. Almost every Use-It Office all over Europe produces their own map of the city, made by locals. Use-It Oslo’s map is called Streetwise. Streetwise has been around for 20 years and has increased in both quality, pages and copies every year. This years guide is 104 pages big. What started as a small black and white guide back in the 90′s has grown into a very popular guide.

Today we recieved 25.000 copies of the brand new guide. 25% more guides than last years guide. The next weeks are all about distributing the guide out. We’ve got tons of establishments waiting for this and we are extremely excited to get this out and around! If you ever are in a city with a Use-It Office, be sure to stop by, you will most likely find our guide there as well as many others and their own.

Read Streetwise online!

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Streetwise 2011/2012 is now available to read online, check it out!

You can find almost all the information you would get in Streetwise on this web page. However if you fancy a better layout, pictures and feel of the product, check it out here:

Read Streetwise.

Streetwise sent to print

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After recieving the plot from our selected print house and made the go-signal, Streetwise 2011/2012 has started printing!

It feels good to send the document off. The same document we’ve spent months researching, writing and developing. We can’t wait to see the final product!

Streetwise almost ready!

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After a couple of hard working months we’re just about ready to send the latest Streetwise 2011/2012 to print.