fish & sushi

It is raw, healthy and trendy. Sushi is about to be Norwegian’s new favorite. Norwegian beginners and Japanese experts agree on one thing: Red and pure Norwegian salmon is one of the best fish you can get with tasty rice and sushi vinegar. It tastes just awesome!


Living by the coast does wonders to the freshness of the fish. Oslo is a Sushi-capitol in Norway. So get going.

{ Downtown }
Møllergata 42
This is the place for huge chunks of Sushi wthout going broke. Mitsu is ranked high among sushi-lovers in Oslo, and if you are in a different mood, try their chicken baguette. Mitsu is the neighbourhood hangout-place for fish-lovers.

Sumo Sushi
{ Youngstorget }
Youngstorget 3
This is nearby the Use-It Oslo office, so if you spot someone extraordinarily handsome and well-behaved at Sumo Suhi during lunch hours, it might be one of us. Great place.

Le Meo Sushi
{ Grønland }
Mandalls Gate 10
The first sushi restaurant at Grønland, and a popular place among the people in the neighborhood. Worth a visit.

East sushi Phan Thi Sau
{ Grünerløkka }
Markveien 50
A decent lunch for 50-80 kroner is what you get at this sushi-place.

Bislett Sushi
{ Bislett }
Waldemar Thranesgate 2
If you are in the area of St. Hanshaugen and in mood for Sushi, this is the place to go.

fish mongers

When visiting a country with a coast-line, try out their fresh fish.

{ Youngstorget }
Youngstorget 2
Fishmonger and take-away restaurant all in one. Trendy and young employees, definitely trying to “step up” the Fishmongers “game”. Tip: Buy fish here, vegetables and fruits in the grocery store close by, a cheap wine at Grønland basar – and then take a 4 minute stroll to the Police Park where you can picnic all you want.

Fjelberg Fisk & Vilt
{ Frogner }
Bygdøy allé 56
Fjelberg fisk&vilt have been selling food since 1917.

{ Grønland }
Lilletorget 1
A fishmonger at Grønland with good and fresh fish. The tip above applies to this one cause this one is even closer to the police park and the middle age park.