gourmet on a budget

Streetwise is a guide for low-cost experiences, but be too tight on your budget and you can miss out on some great experiences. Here are some affordable gourmet restaurants.

{ Downtown }
Mariboes gate 7
At Arakataka they serve international cuisine with a slight breeze from the Middle East. Arakataka combines creative dishes with top quality service at reasonable prices. 

{ Ekeberg }
Kongsveien 15
The Ekeberg Restaurant is functionalistic high water mark in Norway. Today it offers great food, and if the weather is nice we highly recommend their terrace. When there, ask for a glimpse of the 1st floor as well. The design and decoration is beautiful. Make sure you check out the sculptures surrounding the building as well. Fancy a walk before dinner? Go through Grønland to the restauraunt.

Oslo Spiseforretning
{ Grønland }
Oslo gate 15
This is the gourmet restaurant we recommend which is nearest to the Opera. Oslo Spiseforretning is where normal people can have their anniversary or celebrations without getting too expensive. A three course meal is about 460 NOK. But the dinner is cheaper before 6 pm, if you want to save money.

Nam Fah
{ Downtown }
Prinsens gate 18
Nam Fah has one of the best thai dishes in Oslo. Strong curry & coconut noodle soup made with fresh ingredients. This is a very popular place and it’s sometimes wise to book a table in advance. They have two restaurants in Oslo, one downtown and the other at Grünerløkka, which is take-out only. Go buy yourself a decent meal for about 100 NOK and bring it to a local park.

gourmet on a semi budget

{ Grünerløkka }
Trondheimsveien 5
Located in the lower end of Grünerløkka, this place is not necessarily cheap, but filled with great interior and atmosphere. The place used to be a factory of some sort and they kept alot of the old structure and interior. In the summer they open up their huge outside area where the view is great. There’s a lounge in the basement where you van enjoy drinks after your meal. Expect to pay more than 400 NOK for a complete meal, but the experience in its whole is worth it.