organic food

Most of you that are reading this have travelled far and wide to get to Oslo. That is not the case for most organic food. Many restaurants and shops focus on food with origin close to your dining plate.
In most cases food like that is organic.

do it yourself

The regular food chains often carry organic food, and may suit your needs. Though some might want to go “specialized-style” with some of the smaller stores that focus only on organic food. 

Coop Mega
{ Bislett }
Dalsbergstien 19
A regular supermarket chain that carries a good selection of organic and local food. They have several stores around Oslo.

Food Story
{ Grünerløkka }
Thorvald Meyersgate 61
Food Story is a store and a café with great (and mostly) organic food.

Godt Brød
{ Grünerløkka }
Thorvald Meyersgate 49
Godt Brød (Tasty Bread) is a nationwide chain of organic bakeries. They have several stores in Oslo, visit their website for a complete list.

{ Downtown }
Storgata 53 A
A chain of stores carrying loads of organic food. The store in Storgata also has a restaurant where you can buy warm and delicious organic dishes.

Mat & Mer
{ Bjølsen }
Bergensgata 2
A restaurant and food shop in the nice area of Bjølsen.


Vegetables are everywhere, of course. But look for the specialized, immigrant-run stores scattered around the city (lots at Torggata and Brugata). Huge assortment, exotic flavours and competitive prices makes even the posh and busy run across town. 

organic restaurants

Even though a restaurant in itself does not come across as organic, it might carry a lot of local food. So check out Norwegian Cuisine, as well. 

the ø

Ø is a vowel and a letter used in the Danish, Faroese and Norwegian languages. The Ø-logo is used for marketing of organic food, recognized by Debio, which certifies production of organic food in Norway. Why ‘Ø’? It’s the first letter in økologisk which is norwegian for ecological.