Maybe you need something to eat while packing your bags, or maybe you’re just feel like being a little lazy, there’s always take-out. Many of the places listed in the food section also has a takeout menu, this list is just some of the more usual ones that delivers straight to your door.

Pizza Baronen
From Pizza Baronen you can get all kinds of dishes, we recommend going for the pizza. They deliver food until 0300.

They deliver everything from pizza to sushi – their kitchen is open until 0000.

Peppes Pizza
Peppes focuses heavily on pizza, you can order some pasta and salads, but why would you do that from a pizza place?

Pizza og Kina Ekspressen
Delivers all kinds of dishes from american to asian food.

eating out late

Norway is not Spain and Oslo is not Barcelona. Here we are used to eat early, at least compared to other places in Europe. But if you are hungry late in the evening you can always check out one of the many kebab-shops in Torggata. In the end of this street you will find Café Sara, where the kitchen actually is open until 02.45 in the morning!