vegetarian food

Are you a vegetarian? Or do you simply prefer veggie food? There are a few vegetarian restaurants in Oslo, and the ones that exist are quite nice. There is no real problem finding vegetarian food in most up-to-date cafes and restaurants either.


Krishnas Cuisine
{ Majorstuen }
Sørkedalsveien 10 B
Krishnas cuisine serves, go figure, food inspired by the Hare Krishna movement. Krishnas cuisine gives you an okay value for money in an otherwise expensive neighbourhood.

{ Majorstuen }
Hjelmsgate 3
Spisestedet serves ecological vegetarian food. The major part of their menu is also vegan; free of milk, eggs and other animal products.

{ Downtown }
Pilestredet 30 C
An independently run youth house with a punk and anarchist crowd – and some cheap vegetarian food. The café is open from 12-18 almost all monday to fridays. Hot dinner is served mon-fri at around 15:00.

The Café at Hausmania
{ Downtown }
Hausmannsgate 34
Hausmania is a well known building previously occupied by punks and anarchists. It has evolved into a haven for creative and free spirits and now offers a vegan café, a bar and a place for cultural happenings.