This is the core. The epicenter. This is where you arrive, where you depart, and probably where you will spend most of your days.

All the way from the Central Station, Jernbanetorget, up to the Royal Castle and down to the Harbor at Aker Brygge – this is where you find the shopping streets, the malls and the theatres. This is where the majestic Akershus Fortress is situated, where the church Domkirken rests peacefully, where our honorable National Gallery and the brand new Opera House is for you to visit.

Few of the Norwegians actually live downtown – we live and breed in the areas that surround it. We go downtown to work, to go shopping in the weekends, to attend a theatre or concert, to hangout at a café or to party at a club. Downtown is always crowded, as you can imagine, with people doing their daily routine or just hanging out with friends.

What this means for you as a tourist? It means that if you want to get as authentic a feel of how we live in the city, you should definitely visit the other areas as well. You will find everything that you need downtown, but that’s just one of the many sides that Oslo has to offer.

what to do downtown

– Watch the Royal Soldiers leave duty in a parade-like show everyday at 1330 outside the royal Castle. This is a popular – and free – tourist attraction.

– Visit the beautiful Akershus Fortress. Huge fields of grass surrounds it – how about buying some chicken wings and dangle your feet over the wall?

– Walk on the roof of the new Opera-building. Some call this the big tourist-thing to do. A little tip, wear sun glasses, unless you want to go snow blind.

– Take a load off at Aker brygge. You can either relax at one of the cafés, which is the more costly choice. Or buy something cheap from a grocery store and relax at the pier. Either way it’s very relaxing.

– Visit museums at kvadraturen, check out the market at Youngstorget, drop by the royal palace and pose with the guards. There’s alot to do downtown and hopefully after reading through this guide you’re a little more streetwise about Oslo.


Last modified: 3.8.2015