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Grønland has a rich culture, lots of immigrants and lots of life. It’s close to downtown so when you’re done hanging out in one of Oslo’s exciting neighbourhoods it’s just a 10 minute walk to the city centre.

Grønlandleiret 15
Olympen is a cafe, pub and restaurant. The interior looks like an old courtroom with brown tall walls big chandeliers in the middle of the room. Olympen (or Lompa as we call it) has beer from several Norwegian producers you won’t find other places. They are also known for serving Norwegian food. We usually go here after working days, just to relax eat some food and drink some beer.


Grønlandleiret 15
So now you are at Pigalle, and you suddenly notice that the bartenders are the same as Olympen. Relax you’re not drunk, the two places belong together. Here you can relax in the stalls and every stall has its own phone so you can call other stall-people. They have a good dancing floor and good music.

Dattera til Hagen
Grønland 10
This is one of the most popular hangouts in Grønland. Dattera is always crowded, from morning until late in the evening. On Dattera you can have a drink, coffee or beer, eat good food and also go clubbing if you’d like- inside or outside in their backyard. You might as well stay here all day if you can afford it. Compared to the neighbouring pubs one can say you pay a little extra for the colourful setting, but it’s definitely worth it.

Oslo Mekaniske Verksted
Tøyenbekken 34

Chill atmosphere, nice people and best of all -you can bring your own food. They have take-out menus instead of tehir own, so you can order whatever from the takeouts nearby. People in the neighborhood usually hang here, especially in the summer when you can sit outside.

Queens pub
Brugata 14
Queens pub is a little place hidden in Grønland. The crowd is a mix of adults out looking for fun and regular drunks. But what makes this pub worth mentioned is their live piano performances and karaoke nights which is really fun. You can choose to participate or just hang out on their “balcony” and watch the show from above.

Grønlandsleiret 46
Cafekontoret is known for their quiz-nights and is a good afternoon-place. Cheap beer and nice people.

Smalgangen 31
Venner (Friends) is the cozy café where the people in the neighborhood hang out. Perfect for 2-4 people looking for a place to sit down and drink some coffee or beer. The price is not so good, but if you buy a coffee you get free refill, and you will get to know the people living in the area.

Grønland 1
This pub is situated on a little corner with some seats outside. We have different ideas about it. Some say it’s a really chill place to have some beers because of the cheap prices. And for others this can get a little shady because of the crowd. It really depends on your standards, but either way, cheap beer is always nice.