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Grünerløkka is the place to go out in Oslo – alongside Youngstorget. Set your foot in Grünerløkka and your night will unfold naturally. You are probably going to dance rockabilly-style at Ryes, stumble across a Balkan Beat-party at Parkteatret, and end it all with some intense African rhythms at Fru Hagen.

Thorvald Meyersgate 56
Kaos is a spacious mainstream place where the young and wild og crazy in the weekends, dance the night away and practice their pick up-lines in the fancy bar. Kaos has proper facilities for smokers, with a heated tent in the backyard. 

Fru Hagen
Thorvald Meyersgate 40
Fru Hagen was one of the first hip cafés that popped up when Grünerløkka transformed from being a working class area to a supermegatrendy magnet for artists, “tourists” from the west side of Oslo and wannabees. Though Fru Hagen might have dropped a bit on the hotspot barometer, the place still attracts people. At daytime you can sink into the red velour couches and enjoy sandwiches and pastery while gazing to the stars in the ceiling. At night, it turns into a popular party place for the younger generation of Swedes and students. Fru Hagen is frequently visited by skilled DJs.

Brenneriveien 9c
Blå is Oslos popular factory hall style club and a legendary jazz club – with a really wide definition of jazz. On Saturdays you go clubbing, on Sundays you go shopping at the market and on Mondays you rock out to metal. This is the way Blå is, and that is why we love the place. If you like Blå, you should probably check out what’s on at Fabrikken or Indigo, the teo Factory Style clubs right next to Blå.

Bar Boca
Thorvald Meyersgate 30
Bar Boca is the place for high quality drinks. This 50s-inspired shoebox sized cocktail bar is ideal for social non-claustrophobic people. With only 5 tables it is impossible not to speak to your fellow customers. Bar Boca is visited by people of all ages.

Aku Aku Tiki Bar
Thorvald Meyersgate 32
Aloha! If you have a specific idea of a night with high quality drinks in a Hawaiian inspired bar, go to Aku Aku. They carry a huge selection of various exciting drinks and is definately worth a visit. Cool surf music in a friendly enviroment.

Trondheimsveien 2
Situated in the basement of the old Schous brewery you will find the micro brewery of Schouskjelleren. This charming damp basement serves you high quality, self-brewed beer. It’s not as budget friendly as many other places but the beer alone is definately a reason to visit. When in doubt of what beer to go for, ask for a taste and you will get a small glass with a mouth full of beer for 15 NOK.

Thorvald Meyersgate 29
This groovy bar and restaurant is definitely influenced by the typical American diner. Interesting interior design and a rockabilly style characterizes the place. Here you can enjoy tasty burgers, pancakes and milkshakes, served by a friendly staff. It’s not too expensive either. Before 20 pm you can have three pints for NOK 100. If you are in the mood for some 50’s or 60’s music and dancing, this is the place to go.

Olaf Ryes plass 11
Parkteateret is a former movie theatre, where the foyer has been transformed into a minimalist 50’s inspired bar. The place and its visitors are cool without being too much. There is also a concert stage in the back, with clubs and live music – this is where legendary concept “Balkan Beat Club” sporadically. Pop in for a night of moves, grooves and waffles.

Toftesgate 69
Mir is by far Grünerløkka’s best kept secret. Hang out with rockers and the alternative nation. On the ground floor you drink your beer in old aeroplane seats, or whatever they decide to decorate with. In the basement you’ll feel you’re visiting someone’s living room. Play dart or fußball game, or check out the small library, where you can take a book with you – as long as you leave another book. If you come here and the staff is covering the windows with fabric, it is simply because there will be a concert later. It also means you should stay for it.

Sound of Mu
Markveien 58
Sound of Mu is an art galleri, bar and concert venue. Sound of Mu is always crowded but considering the place is as big as a bed room, filling up the place is never a challenge. The live gigs are intimate and cozy. If you have trouble getting in and the band is very interesting, you can always stand outside and watch through their huge window like many others do.