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When summer starts sneaking in and our invert personalities takes a sudden turn to a super social, park loving and smiling individual, the music festivals starts preparing for yet another season. We love these festivals, and they love us, and in return the demand for more has risen and Oslo offers now more than ever music festivals for everyone.

9.-13.  August 2016
Øya Festival is the biggest festival in Oslo. Five days packed with superstars and underground artists alike, and nightclubs all over town filled with DJ-concepts. The festival is expensive so here is our budget tip: Find a little spot of grass near the festival area, bring drinks and food and listen for free.

Norwegian wood
16.-.18. June 2016
Norwegian Wood is a revered rockfestival in Oslo. Our biggest outdoor public bath is transformed to a festival area, with some of the greatest rock artists of our time. The festival’s name alludes to the familiar Beatles’song “Norwegian Wood”. Right next door to the outdoor bath is the Vigeland Park. If you can’t afford the festival ticket you can just sit in the nearby park and enjoy the music from there.

Musikkfest oslo
4. June 2016
This is the best day of the year! If you are in town this day you have to go out and enjoy local artists play concerts free of charge. There’s stages all around Oslo. Every park or area has its own music style so you can easily pick your favorite and listen to good music the whole day.

Summer Island Electronika Festival
This festival is on the islands Langøyene just outside Oslo. Late summernights with good electronica and house beats. Camp on the island and use the ocean as your shower. Take the ferry if you want to go to town. The festival lasts for three days, enjoy! Read more about Langøyene in the activities section.

27.-30 March
Norway is known for its black metal so it’s only natural that we also have a festival in its genre. It’s held annually around the easter holiday, which is kinda funny in a symbolic way. Get your black suit on and get ready for some serious headbanging. Fancy a tattoo and some black metal effects while you’re at it? Inferno also has a huge expo with tattoo booths and music merch.

Oslo Queer Festival
15.-18. Aug
This is a festival for everybody. Be that straight, homosexual, lesbian, transsexual and so forth. It’s a festival to celebrate peoples freedom to choose, to celebrate the culture and the unity that is the queer community. There’s parades, concerts and workshops. Go wild, no one’s judging you!

19.-21. August 2016
Mela is an urban festival with art and culture from all over the world!. “Mela” is Sanskrit and means “to meet” or “meeting place”. The festival seeks to expand horizons, and make art forms from all over the world known in Norway. The festival includes art forms like music, dance, literature and theater. In addition there will be food and stands with information of all kinds.

October fest
Hilarious atmosphere, dozens of various beer brands, German ompa and polka music, large beer tents, low prices on all drinks. Long tables, shoulder to shoulder, German singalong drinking songs, Octoberfest hats and Octoberfest aprons. This great festival is arranged by students, for students and everybody over 20.