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Youngstorget is located in the very heart of Oslo. The word “torg” means square, and Youngstorget is a classical example of a square; full of life, happenings and history.

Café Sør
Torggata 11
Café Sør is an extremely chill café, which turn into a club in the evenings. The club serves coctails with emphasis on fruits and berries and in the daytime you can enjoy their tasty soup. This is one of our usual hangouts after work, as well as Saturday nights. 

Pløens gate 4
Mono has been around for years and has grown very popular during that time. Mono is a rock’n roll bar with more focus on Indie and Americana than Heavy Metal. If the bar looks empty during a nice hot day, the regulars are probably to be found smoking in the backyard. Mono has expanded and now includes a 60s diner & bar called Q.

Møllergata 15
Justisen is a pub, restaurant type of thing in a 18 th century building. Their backyard is popular in the summer. In the wintertime you can wander around inside in the two floors and suddenly stumble over a cosy little sitting place where you can relax with your friends. Justisen is right next to Sosialen which is a bit more fancy place.

Youngstorget 2A
Hotel Plaza has the Skybar on Oslo’s rooftop, Stratos is the rooftop of Youngstorget. Take the elevator to the top of the building and sit on their terrace with a cold drink. If the terrace is closed you can go inside in the club, but this suddenly loose the feel of being on top.

Fisk og vilt
Pløens gate 1
Fisk og Vilt is a cool bar with a cool crowd. If you want to hang with Oslo hipsters, check out Fisk og vilt. A combined dance floor/smoking section in the back yard is always a winner. If you get bored with Mono, Fisk og Vilt is just across the street.

Youngstorget 2
This used to be a bar only but has expanded on the first floor with a dancefloor. There are a lot more hipsters upstairs than on the ground floor. Internasjonalen has a great selection of both brilliant booze and bartenders.

Møllergata 13
Sosialen attracts people in their thirties who are looking to mate. Recommended if you are interested in a serious commitment. The trick with Sosialen is to arrive before 12 when the line outside has yet to form.

Hells kitchen
Møllergata 23
Hells kitchen is best known for its tasty pizza and is a popular start to a night out. Fridays is probably one of the most crowded days when people say goodbye to a stressful week and welcomes the weekend parties.

The Villa
Møllergata 23
The Villa is a very popular club in Oslo. In the basement of Hells Kitchen people go wild on the big dancefloor to the beats of popular DJs.

Torggata 16
This place kicks ass. Tons of tasty beer brands, arcade games, flipper games and shuffleboard. It’s divided into two rooms, one looks like a bar but the tables have built in arcade games. The other room is mainly for gaming, pin ball games and two big shuffleboard tables. Definately worth checking out if you’re looking for a great night out in Oslo.