leaving oslo

So it’s time to get back home, you’ve seen what needs to be seen and hopefully you’ve got tons of memories and experiences to dwell on while you’re getting there.

leaving by air

In terms of square meters, Norway is huge. Sometimes the most convenient way to travel in Norway is by plane. Check out these companies: 

Norway’s low fare airline has a large network of both domestic and international departures. Service level is one notch above the dirt-cheap carriers like Ryanair, and Norwegian usually serves major airports instead of the ones 200 miles away from the city centre. While usually the cheapest option it’s always worth checking alternatives.

SAS is a very reliable airline, and although the average price is usually above Norwegian, it’s worth checking both airlines. Luggage and credit card fees are included in the ticket price, and they throw in a free breakfast on domestic flights departing before 9 AM. With SAS you can cancel a ticket bought online within 24 hours for a full refund.

Norway has a unique network of short runway airports (“Stolports”). These airports are usually served by Widerøe, but occasionally by other carriers. During the summer months Widerøe offers a 14-day fly-as-much-as-you-want ticket. If you fancy two weeks off the beaten track in the sparesly populated areas of rural Norway, this can be a real bargain, starting at 2775 NOK.

For travel agents specializing in youth and student tickets, see www.kilroytravels.no or www.startravel.no

before take off

Oslo has three airports; Torp, Rygge and the main airport Gardermoen. Gardermoen is closest to the city; 18 minutes with the Airport Express Train. Torp is one hour east of Oslo (the bus takes about an hour and 45 minutes) and Rygge is about two hours west. Remember this when booking flights late in the evening. 

All major air line companies fly to Gardermoen. Low price companies like Wizz Air and Ryan Air fly to Torp or Rygge.

Gardermoen Airport
Airport Express Train: www.flytoget.no (19-22 mins, students 85 kr, adults 170 kr)
Regular train: www.nsb.no (26-37 mins, all passengers 110 kr if you have an active ruter ticket within Oslo it’s cheaper)
Airport buses: www.flybussen.no or www.flybussekspressen.no (convenient from eastern outskirts of Oslo)

Torp Airport
Airport bus: www.torpekspressen.no (1h 45 mins, one-way: adults 200 kr. Return: adults 340 kr, students 300 kr)
Train: www.nsb.no (1h 45 mins, students 176, adults 234. Discounted adult tickets at 199 kr are usually available if bought the day before departure or earlier)
A shuttlebus between Torp Train Station and Torp Airport is included in the train ticket.

Rygge Airport
Airport bus: www.ryggeekspressen.no (1 hour, one-way: adults 140 kr. Return: adults 250 kr, students 210 kr)
Train: www.nsb.no (50 mins, students 108 kr, adults 144 kr)
A shuttlebus between Rygge Train Station and Rygge Airport is included in the train ticket

leaving by train

Train tickets are cheaper if bought before boarding the train. You can buy train tickets at machines, through their app or at ticket desks at the stations. For long-distance trains you can also purchase tickets over the internet, which is by far the easiest way. When you book online, and you’ve paid for your ticket, you are given a seat reference on the specific train you’re taking. All you have to do is board the train, sit in your designated seat and you will recieve your ticket by showing your ID. 

On overnight trains sleeping compartments are available for 850 kr per compartment. One compartment can accommodate two people, but you can’t pay for a single bed, so if you travel alone you have to buy a compartment for yourself. Alternatively, opt for a night in the seat and NSB will provide you with a complimentary blanket, eye-mask and earplugs. Or visit the on-board restaurant which is open all night long – often a good place to meet fellow travellers or pick up stories from strangers over a beer.

Discounted tickets called “minipris” starts at 199 NOK and are available on all lines. The 199 NOK tickets are scarce, but more discounted tickets are available at 299, 399 or 499 NOK. There are no refunds for these tickets and the minipris tickets can be used on the specified departure only. Minipris is not available on the day of departure.

A student discount is available on regular tickets, but Minipris is usually the cheapest option. If travelling on local trains to the suburbs of Oslo, you will get a discount if you hold a valid ticket for transportation within Oslo municipality.

For trains to Sweden NSB operates the line to Gothenburg, while the Swedish state railway SJ operates the trains to Karlstad and Stockholm. SJ has a ticket vending machine on Oslo Central Station and tickets can be purchased online at www.sj.se.

Oslo Central Station
Oslo S
All trains depart from Oslo Central Station, but you can also catch most trains from Nationaltheateret Station.

NSB is Norway’s national railway company.

leaving by bus

Oslo S
All buses depart from Bussterminalen, located in central Oslo. Here you can catch everything from local buses that serves Oslo and its surrounding areas, to buses headed for central Europe. 

bus companies

The National railway company does not cover the whole of Norway. Therefore Nor-Way Bussekspress is a great supplement. 

NOR-WAY Bussekspress

These Swedish bus companies are affordable and they travel far and wide:




Eurolines also has tri-weekly departures to Copenhagen.

leaving by boat

There have been ferries bound for Denmark and Germany for a long time. At some point they stopped being sheer instruments of transportation and turned into party-boats. These are safe and efficient means of transportation, but be prepared for more or less everything (although your cabin will be a quiet retreat). Return tickets are sometimes cheaper than one-way tickets. 

Oslo – Copenhagen

Stena line
Oslo – Fredrikshavn

Color Line
Oslo – Hirtshals/Oslo – Kiel/Larvik – Fredrikshavn.