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It’s not a bad idea to bring back a piece of foreign culture to get the memories flowing back home. How about some clothing?

norwegian fashion

{ Majorstuen }
Kristian Augusts gate 13
Sweden has domintated the Scandinavian jeans scene for years, with brands like Acne, Cheap Monday and Nudie. Some Norwegians got sick and tired of Swedish dominance and established an Norwegian alternative – AntiSweden Jeans.

Moods of Norway
{ Majorstuen }
Akersgata 18
In 2003 two brave Norwegians entered the international fashion scene with hip clothing, influenced by Norwegian arts and crafts, history and mentality. Now they’ve finally located to Oslo. Moods of Norway never set out to make souvenirs or to be ironic or funny. It is simply very stylish clothing.

norwegian design

Pur Norsk
{ St. Hanshaugen }
Theresesgate 14
This is a store specializing in Norwegian products. Pur Norsk seeks to heighten the general awareness regarding Norwegian quality design. You don’t find wool sweaters here, though. Instead you can get more or less everything else.

norwegian skating

{ Majorstuen }
Torggata 25
Shit! is a Norwegian skateboard. The shop was started in 1995 by Frode Goa, an autodidact designer whom managed to get his clothes collection distributed to 20 skateshops throughout Norway by 2002. The company grew, and now there are two Shit stores, one of which is located in Torggata. The other one is in Stavanger. Shit! sells skateboards and clothing internationally.

norwegian t-shirts

{ Günerløkka }
Thorvald Meyers gate 54
Probat is a t-shirt company with an all-Norwegian approach. Probat makes t-shirts depicting brown cheese, moose and catch phrases from Norwegian pop culture. They’ve become quite popular and are expanding into the American market – promoting Norway to Norwegian Americans! They also sell childrens clothing with stylish motives.