norwegian souvenirs

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Looking for souvenirs to bring back home? You can always buy a traditional norwegian troll, and you’ll find them everywhere in the souvenir shops of downtown. But if you’re looking for something
different and less costly, here are some alternatives.

The cheapest way to bring back a part of Norway to friends and family, is to go to one of the regular grocery stores and buy typical Norwegian food. The Norwegian brown cheese, the Jarlsberg cheese and a couple of the milk chokolades from Freia. You should also bring some Norwegian smoked salmon for your friends to taste. And of course some norwegian aquavit.

The Ostehøvel (Cheese slicer) that we norwegians use to slice our cheese with, is often expensive if you buy it in the tourist shops. We’d recommend you to look for a cheese slicer in a grocery store or at a store with kitchen-stuff.

Worried all your Oslo-memories are eaten up after a week? Pictures are relatively cheap souvenirs, so bring your camera.

And of course, check out local recording artists (shopping records, page ..)

{ Norwegian liquor }
Aquavit is a scandinavian liquor made by potatoes. It’s strong taste and character comes from a variation of spices. The name Aquavit, akevitt in norwegian, comes from the latin words Aqua Vitae, which means water of life. This product is only available in our liquor stores; Vinmonopolet.

Brunost & Ostehøvel
{ Norwegian cheese }
Brunost is made by boiling a mixture of milk, cream and whey for several hours. The heat turns the milk sugar into caramel which gives the cheese its characteristic taste and color. A very traditional lunch in Norway consists of several pieces of sliced bread with brown cheese on top. The cheese slicer is a norwegian creation invented by Thor Bjørklund in 1925.

Freia Melkesjokolade
{ Norwegian milk chocolate }
You can basicly get this product in every grocery store, kiosk and they even have their own special little store in Karl Johan where they only sell Freia chocolates. “Et lite stykke Norge”, Freia’s slogan, means A little piece of Norway.

norwegian traditions

{ Majorstuen }
Uranienborgveien 3
At Haugtussa you can buy Norwegian folk costumes or simply catch a peek at what Norwegians wear at the 17th of May.