record stores

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Visiting the many charming, independent record stores can be a great way to spend time. You might end up with nothing after countless hours of browsing through weird collections, but sometimes you come across something so unique you feel that the hours were well spent.

record stores

Bare Jazz
{ Downtown }
Grensen 8
Bare Jazz is a good jazz store and café (see review in Nightlife section)

Big Dipper Records
{ Downtown }
Torggata 36
Big Dipper is a stereotypical independent music store. They carry a huge selection of music, especially on vinyl, with a focus on rock’n roll.

{ Downtown }
Oslo City shopping mall
The most succesfull chain of record stores (with its largest store at the Oslo City mall), this is where most of the norwegians buy their music. Good selection and prices. They also carry DVDs and games, and are getting into books.

{ Downtown }
Storgata 9
If you are equally fascinated by light as by darkness, you’ll probably find Shadowland’s selection of goth, synth, EBM and industrial attractive.

used record stores

Bjørn Ringstrøm Antikvariat
{ St. Hanshaugen }
Wessels gate 2 B
We like Ringstrøms. Here you find great records at reasonable prices. Ringstrøms has a good jazz selection, and also includes a book store.

{ Sagene }
Gjøvikgata 1
You know those stores with an odour of camel cigarettes, sweat and shitloads of old records. Those stores where you spend hours, going through piles and piles of rubbish just to find the collector’s item you have been looking for? This is it!

Neseblod Records
{ Grünerløkka }
Rathkesgate 7
Well-hidden in Grünerløkka you find Neseblod. This is the place to look for old-school Norwegian punk and black metal, or used punk and metal records in general.

Oslo Rock-Antikvariat
{ St. Hanshaugen }
Fredensborgveien 17
Oslo Rock-Antikvariat focuses on classic rock. All in all a nice and friendly store.

Råkk & Rålls
{ Downtown }
Akersgata 39
Råkk & Rålls has a huge selection of second hand records, but you have to be really lucky to find something truly special. And they often charge more than necessary for irrelevant releases. They sell vintage furniture and other used stuff as well.