second hand stores

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Thankfully we are all different and what you might consider a treasure is someone elses junk. We recommend you visit one or two of these second hand shops.

{ Grønland }
Smalgangen 8
Fretex is a chain of second hand stores, run by the Salvation Army. You can find anything from an excellent sofa you wished you could take back home, to a piece of old jewelery you simply adore. Fretex runs alot of stores in Oslo, to find the nearest check out

{ Grünerløkka }
Markveien 67
Marita Stiftelsen, an anti-drug programme, has a lot of projects for rehabilitating drug addicts. The store is one of those projects where previous drug addicts get back to ordinary life selling second hand objects.

House of second hand
{ Downtown }
Pilestredet 47 A
Three floors filled with second hand clothing.

{ Grünerløkka }
Thorvald Meyers gate 89
It’s cheap, though you might look through alot of crap before you find your “treasure”.

{ Downtown }
Storgata 37
Sells a mix of real 2nd hand military equipment, rave and party clothing and fantasy gear.

{ Youngstorget }
Youngstorget 4
Both second hand and new stuff; dresses, scarves, sunglasses and boots.

Tonica Vintage Corner
{ Majorstuen }
Schøningsgate 14
Rumors has it the European fashion houses visit Tonica Vintage Corner to find old but golden clothes from Hermes, Chanel, Dior etc. That might be, we don’t know for sure, but we still find Tonica appealing.

{ Downtown }
Jernbanetorget 2
UFF is not the most exciting of second hand stores in Oslo, but it’s centrally located. And don’t be scared off by UFF not being too thrilling. As for all second hand stores, you have the possibility to stumble across some very good bargains. This goes for UFF as well.

Underground Fashion
{ Downtown }
Storgata 1
Underground Fashion specializes in 60s and 70s clothing. In this colorful environment you find lots of shirts and lots of track suits.

Frøken Dianas salonger
{ Grünerløkka }
Markveien 33
Go for a treasure hunt through vintage clothes, jewelry and interior from the late 19th century via the 50`s and 60`s ending up in the 80`s.

Herr og Fru Retro
{ Sagene }
Dannevigsveien 18 A
Praising the forms, colors and shapes from years back, Herr og Fru Retro handpicks and fixes up old stuff like clothes, bags, shoes, lamps, frames, small furniture, books and so on.