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Camping is great! Fresh air and beautiful nature. When camping in Oslo you have the advantage of camping anywhere you want for free as long as it’s 150m from a private property.

Last modified 29.8.2018

Langøyene (The Long Islands)
Opposed to the other islands in the Oslo fjord, you’re welcome to set up your tent on Langøyene. Here you can bathe, fish and play volleyball. Remember to check the ferries time tables so you don’t miss the last departure. There are several rules to take notice regarding camping on the islands, these are some:

  • Keep the tent area clean
  • Do not throw garbage or damage the nature
  • Do not privatize your tent area by enclosing it
  • Tent or tent groups can cover max 18m2
  • No excessive noise from 2300 to 0700
  • Show respect for the other campers
  • Open fire not allowed
  • Keep at least a 3m distance from other tents

Bogstad Camping
Ankerveien 117
8 kilometers from the city you find Bogstad camping, a 30 minute bus ride from central Oslo. The huge camping area is close to nature, a popular bathing area, a golf course and the forest Nordmarka – and it’s open all year. Take bus 32 from Oslo Central Station, it stops right outside the reception.

  • Tent: 200 NOK
  • Caravan: 290 NOK
  • Motor home: 275 NOK
  • Cabins: Varies, check out their web page.

Ekeberg Camping
Ekebergveien 65
The view from Ekeberg is great! When you get bored of enjoying this spectacle you will find a miniature golf course, soccer fields, walking areas and horse riding nearby. This place is also used for Norway Cup, a big soccer tournament held in Norway. To get there you take bus 34 or 46 from Oslo Central Station.

  • Tent: 250 NOK
  • Caravan: 270 NOK
  • Motor home: 255 NOK

Oslomarka (Forrest areas)
Camping in Marka (the woods) is free and for all, as long as you follow some “common sense” rules. You may take public transport to one of the end stops, and then walk a bit into the forest to find a private spot. As a tent user you are more vulnerable when it comes to theft, so stay off the most crowded areas, particular around Sognsvann. Some T-bane (Metro- stations) near forest:

  • Metro 5  to Sognsvann
  • Metro 1 to Voksenkollen or Frognerseteren.
  • Tram 11 and 13 to Grefsen stasjon and ask for the forrest

rules for camping:

  • Camp at least 150 meter from the nearest house.
  • Move the tent every two nights; you cannot tent anywhere more permanently. (In the woods that is, not on a camping place) .
  • Do not light open fire from April 15th to 15 of September 15th.
  • Many small lakes will be where we tap our drinking water. If that is the case, you will find a sign. Follow the rules –i.e. do not take a bath there.
  • Be polite and do not disturb humans or animals. Do not harm healthy trees.
  • Take your garbage home.


cabins & trekking

Den Norske Turistforening
Storgata 3
Den Norske Turistforening is Norways biggest outdoor activity organization. For 135 years they have promoted trekking. They can recommend trekking routes and cabins for rent, both in the forest of Oslo and in Norway in general.