couchsurfing and airbnb

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There are several options for private accomodations in Oslo, here are our greatest tips for getting in touch with local hosts. These options works best if you plan a bit ahead since you’re dependent on communications with your hosts.

Last modified: 14.1.2016


If you enjoy getting to know new people and don’t mind staying in someones living room, couchsurfing might be just the thing for you! And the best thing about it? It’s completely free! To get connected with potential hosts you need to create a profile and get in touch with people through the couchsurfing web site, so this is not a good option if you suddenly find yourself in Oslo and need somewhere to stay tonight. But with proper planning couchsurfing can be a great experience!



Airbnb is a website to find private lodging all over the world, and Oslo is no exception. You can find anything from bedrooms in someones home to full appartments you distribute all by yourself. The cost varies greatly, there are listings as low as 250 NOK but 450-650 NOK is more common. Compared to prizes of hotel rooms in Oslo this is still quite a catch though!